Yogavāhi Āyurveda & Yoga works with the belief that health is inherent to each of us. Our goal is to light the spark to promote change in you.

Did you know that most schools you find will teach and practice a Westernized adaptation of Āyurveda and Yoga?

Which. Does. Not. Work.

And that’s why I felt unsettled + unethical in the beginning many years ago, when met with real people in real situations. “Identifying someone’s doṣa” did not lead to healing.

That’s when I realized my journey was just getting started. Because what I found was that certificates do not necessarily equate to knowledge…it depends on the teaching!

I have taken multiple 200hr + 300hr Yoga Teacher Trainings and have graduated in multiple Āyurvedic programs. My journey with studying Sanskrit has been similar.

I’ve learned how to follow the teachers and the information behind the certificate.

Eventually I found knowledge that isn’t watered-down and diluted. I learnt fact-checking, finding the truth by going back to the primary-source texts to find where… and why.

I’m here to share with you that understanding the truth about how and why things work makes such a difference in getting results, both in Yoga and Āyurveda. And yes,


Who is this for?

Yogavāhi Āyurveda & Yoga can help you with many common issues suchs:

Yoga Practice Issues

Short-term Health Problems

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